Welcome to Mystic Academy

Awaken Your Genius

Enter the gilded gates of Mystic Academy to finally awaken your Genius.

A space for mystics and those interested in higher consciousness, alchemy, astrology and natural medicine to share their experiences and ultimately learn how to become Master Creators of their own life by deepening their relationship with their personal Genius and magic.

Are you ready to experience the magic of YOUR personal Genius frequency?

Are you ready to finally stop mapping to the external world / your mentor's strategies / outdated manifestation methods and finally unlock the blueprint within your body?

You have a MAGIC MECHANISM within you that uniquely processes energy and information from the world around you. This mechanism can also DESIGN precisely the life you have a taste for - unmatched by anyone or anything else.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, like things *suddenly* just stopped working for you, you can feel deep-down that you're ready for a new part of you to emergy, or you’ve lost the fire for the work you do in the world and are struggling to find someone – anyone – who GETS it… You’re in the right place.

This Academy + community has been designed PRECISELY for Mystics to upgrade their energy, and code abundance / love / health / #allthethings into their body – and therefore – their reality. Our goal together will be to unlock your Genius through astrology, master the art of alchemy and get your body activated so not only do you bring magic to your own life, but become THE ultimate go-to for your clients.

Your Genius is a luxury. It is not for everyone. Whether it's business or relationships, when you fine-tune your life to your Genius Taste... euphoria happens.

The Magic Inside

  • Exclusive livestreams designed to activate your Power, awaken your Genius and train you on the laws of the New Consciousness
  • Deep-dives into archetypes + astrology
  • Astrology Forecasts for your sign
  • Monthly hot-seat coaching calls
  • Access to our living Archetype map (this is GOLD).
  • Powerful remote body activations
  • Archetypal + Healing music activations with custom art and reports
  • Vault of recordings
  • Discount codes for future programs.
  • Full transcripts
  • And ofcourse, this Mighty Networks community to aid your transformation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for? This membership is for spiritual mystics ready to immerse themselves into cutting-edge consciousness training and learn how to code their body, energy and reality to ultimately design a life they value. Align yourself with your Genius, and map your body to the stars. Our goal is to break you out of the Matrix, and help you live and create using the new upgraded laws of consciousness.

How often do new trainings drop? You’ll get access to a new experience every month – whether it’s hot seat coaching, a new livestream, or recorded training or body activation. You also have a vault of recordings, music activations and so much more to dive into.

Can I ask questions somewhere? You have access to this private community to ask all questions.

What’s the cancellation policy? You can cancel anytime via your account.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? There are no refunds once you join – but you can cancel anytime so I recommend the monthly plan if you’re unsure.

To join us inside, choose the best plan for you here.

Hello! I'm Sonika.

Archetypal Alchemist at your service.

If you’re ready to be a part of a community that is grounded in truth, focused on helping you master your energy no matter where you are, and give you the tools, support and magic spells to quantum-leap you… you’re in the right place.

I like to think of myself as the provider of red pills that shake the spiritual industry loose from woo-woo Law of Attraction fantasy land and let you in on the truth about energy mastery, alchemy, astrology and creating a life of ridiculous abundance. I activate the magic you’ve been missing in your life and show you precisely how to code your reality in a way that matters to YOU.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been diving deep into the world of astrology, alchemy + archetypes and working with them precisely to become the Master Creator of my life. I also work with astrology, bodywork and herb magic to activate your personal Genius frequency.

The modalities I’ve perfected using archetypal alchemy have not only changed my life, but changed the lives of my clients.

Health problems going away overnight, business results quantum-leaping in no time, relationships upgrading like crazy.

THIS is the magic we have access to. I’m here to teach you how to design a life that is unique to your Genius. I’m here to set you free.

To join us inside, choose the best plan for you here.