Welcome to Mystic Academy

Awaken Your Genius

Enter the gilded gates of Mystic Academy to activate your "it-factor" and build your luxury empire.

A luxurious space for mystics to master selling their Genius in a big way and design a life precisely to their taste.

Hello - I'm Sonika.

…and I’m here to free you from the Luxury Closet (In other words, it’s time to claim that high-level luxury empire – plus all the other things you’ve been dreaming of – that you haven’t had the guts to claim.)

Have you had trouble attracting a big audience? Seem to always be the villain in the room when you truly let your disruptive Genius free? Are you always spewing sharp, cutting truth, only to be the one they blame at the end?


Because you have precisely the ingredients required to get LUXURIOUSLY rich – and fast. You have exactly the raw material that attracts the DREAM things. The uncomfortable things. The things most people wouldn’t dare ask for. You have the unrelatability code, which is equivalent to diamonds in the energy world. 

The only problem is – this code is useless if you can’t SELL IT.

And to sell it…

  • It’s not a big audience you need (I have a couple hundred followers and I sell six-figure packages).

  • It’s not relatability you need (I’m highly unrelatable to anyone with my expectations of luxury).

  • It’s sure as hell not likeability or credibility (I had my first six-figure month with ZERO testimonials).

What you DO need, is the ability to master the sales conversation NO MATTER your situation / knowledge / reputation / experience.

I’m here to design the next generation of true luxury sales people. And if you’re running a business, this is you whether you like it or not.

Welcome to the Luxury empire-building game.

Are you ready to experience the magic of YOUR personal Genius frequency?

Are you ready to stop giving away your Genius for free, sacrificing all the wrong things to just to stay comfortable? Are you ready to face the truth that you are DONE living the way you're currently living, and are finally ready to discover the TRUTH about what it takes to be an energy master that can command wealth + all the things with precision?

You have a POWERFUL MECHANISM within you that can DESIGN precisely the life you have a taste for - unmatched by anyone or anything else.

When unlocked, this makes you unrelatable to the rest of the world. You begin to shed everything that doesn't fit with this new identity, this new version of you, and you begin to create unimaginable results. You begin to create wealth in a way that you never dreamed possible.

This Academy + community has been designed for Luxury Mystics to become masters at selling their Genius and design a luxury life precisely to their taste.

Your Genius is a luxury. It is not for everyone. Own this unrelatability, and watch your world change for good.

The Magic Inside

  • Exclusive livestreams on the archetypes in your psyche, and how to use them to build your dream empire + life.
  • Monthly energy updates to prepare you for what's coming and how to maneuver the shifts that are coming.
  • Monthly hot-seat coaching calls
  • Access to our living Archetype map (this is GOLD).
  • Powerful remote body activations
  • Archetypal + Healing music activations with custom art and reports
  • Vault of recordings
  • Discount codes for future programs.
  • Full transcripts
  • And ofcourse, this Mighty Networks community to aid your transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for? This membership is for luxury mystics ready to sell their Genius to dream clients in a big way, and stop settling for less. It is for those who have a deep craving and taste for luxury, art, high standards, and lots of wealth.

How often do new trainings drop? You’ll get access to a new experience every month – whether it’s hot seat coaching, a new livestream, or recorded training or body activation. You also have a vault of recordings, music activations and so much more to dive into.

Can I ask questions somewhere? You have access to this private community to ask all questions.

What’s the cancellation policy? You can cancel anytime via your account.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied? There are no refunds once you join – but you can cancel anytime so I recommend the monthly plan if you’re unsure.

To join us inside, choose the best plan for you here.